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Floristry Day-evening courses
The day and night classes for the Floristry Diploma Course offers you a unique opportunity to learn all aspects of floristry and flower arranging. You need no special skills or previous knowledge of floristry. Every florist was once a beginner.

In our floristry course we will personally guide you step by step, flower by flower, how to make beautiful floral designs and flower arrangements. Once you are shown the basic rules in flower arranging you will be delighted with the results you will achieve right from the very first lesson.

Floristry is creative and fun! In our floristry lessons you will discover you have talents you didn't know you had. Our floristry course is designed so the beginner can follow it with ease, but anyone already involved in floristry will find the course extremely beneficial in furthering their knowledge.

You will be taught how to make up the same professional designs you see in florist shops.

Floristry Classes
Our floristry day and night classes can be commenced at any time throughout the year. You may attend one or several classes each week. Crash courses are available for students wishing to complete the floristry course as quickly as possible.

About The School
Fay Chamoun A.A.I.H. A.I.M. is the Principal of the Floral Art School of Australia which was established in 1972. Fay and her staff have had years of experience and have been very successful in training people in professional floristry.

Fay has studied all aspects of flower arranging extensively in Australia and the USA as well as silk flower making in Japan. Her flower arrangements have been featured in leading magazines and newspapers. Fay has demonstrated on television, at garden shows, in leading department stores and to many different organisations including Teleflora.
Fay has also produced a series of floristry videos featuring different floral designs.
Floral Art School of Australia is a member of the International Accreditation and Recognition Council. Fay Chamoun is an associate member of Interflora, the Australian Institute of Horticulture, and the Australian Institute of Management.

Our floristry course is most comprehensive and covers:

Bowl and Basket Arrangements: You will learn to make up many different styles including triangular, crescent, modern line, floral gift box, picture card, horizontal centrepiece and flower and fruit basket.

Bridal Designs: Special emphasis is placed on bridal designs. You will be taught how to make a traditional round bouquet, trailer, cascade, victorian posy, circlet of flowers and a flower girl basket. Please click onto the Next button below for full details on our day and evening floristry courses.


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