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Floristry Diploma

At the end of the Third Term you are eligible to sit for the floristry examination.
On successful completion you will receive your Floristry Diploma

Most people are nervous about the thought of an exam, but you do not need to be. By the time you are at this stage you will have completed the full course of thirty practical lessons and will have an excellent knowledge of floristry and floral designing.

A pass mark is 70 or more out of 100. On successful completion you will receive your Diploma of Floristry and a letter of confirmation on our official letterhead.

You can be very proud of this achievement. We all like to be recognised for our efforts.
You can have your Floristry Diploma framed and proudly display it.

Advanced Courses  Bridal Courses in Fresh or Silk Flowers and  European Floral Design Courses are available for students wishing to continue their studies and learn advanced floral designing in commercial floristry. 

Student Discount Card
Savings For You

As a valued student when you enroll in our floristry course you automatically become a member of the Florist Warehouse which is a separate division to our school. We have a large range of bowls, baskets, florist foam, gift boxes, bases, ribbon, wire, floral tape, silk flowers and many other florist accessories. You will receive a Student Discount Card that can be used to purchase floral supplies during and after you have completed the course. We are always here to help you with your floristry requirements.


We have received many letters from students who have successfully completed either of our courses. Listed are excerpts taken from genuine letters which are currently on our files.

"Many thanks for the opportunity of doing your floristry course, I enjoyed it very much and feel very thrilled with my diploma".
Y. Nankervis, Vic.

"Without a doubt the Floral Art School of Australia is certainly of a top standard to train at. I have had many years of success. I trained there in 1985 and have been running a successful florist business ever since".

D Cowden.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity of doing your floristry course. I found the course very enjoyable. I did get a thrill when I received my Diploma."

C Tran, Melbourne

"I have completed the floristry Diploma course at Floral Art School of Australia and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have not only learnt how to create beautiful floral arrangements but how to prepare flowers to ensure the maximum lifespan . I intend to persue a career in floristry and believe this course will allow me to achieve my goal".

A Wilson 

"I would like to thank the staff at the Floral Art School of Australia for their knowledge and assistance. I am now specialising in weddings which is very rewarding".

P Hughes

"I started the course purely because of an interest in flower arranging. I have learnt how to best match colours and create my own designs. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the this course. I am now anticipating opening my own floristry shop.Thank you for giving me a career again".

A Chippendale

"Thank you for your kindness. I enjoyed flower arranging. I am really happy."

Hiroka, Japan

"I have opened my own florist shop after completing the Floral Art School of Australia floristry diploma course. My shop is going very well and I have built up a good clientelle. I would like to thank you for your thorough tuition throughout the course which gave me a good understanding of the basic principles of floral design. I found the manuals very helpful and are excellent reference books".

B Davies,

"I have enjoyed every minute of the course.I still love my floral arranging and do favours for family and friends."
A delighted former student
L K, Canberra

"I have completed the full course and have received my floristry diploma. I really enjoyed coming to classes each week. Very shortly I hope to start my own home based business specialising in bridal designs. A big thank you to the staff at Floral Art School of Australia who give it their all every week".

Nadia D

"Just to say thank you to one and all and to say how much I've enjoyed doing the course."

A Guillard


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