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Our flower arranging course will teach you the easy way to arrange flowers.

Flower Arranging

Flower arranging has become increasingly popular as a hobby, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Ask yourself these questions -

Have you ever admired a beautiful floral arrangement and thought I wish I could arrange flowers like that?

Have you ever put flowers in a vase and they just don't sit right?

Would you like to have a basic pattern you could follow to create different flower arrangements?

By learning the basic principles of floral design at our flower arranging school, you will soon be able to create wonderful floral arrangements for your own home or for family and friends.

Our floral arranging course will teach you how to create many different styles. These include traditional and contemporary floral designs, European arrangements, basket arrangements, posies, wedding designs and flowers for special events.

At our flower school you will learn how to choose a suitable style for the occasion, select flowers that go together, the use of colour and ways to make your floral designs unique.

Flowers add the finishing touch.  Imagine the pleasure you will get by being able to create a lovely flower arrangement for your entrance hall or a floral centrepiece for the dining room table.

Flower arrangements make the perfect gift for so many different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, to offer congratulations, get well wishes and to express our love and affection.

Unlike many other hobbies, with flower arranging you don't need a lot of expensive equipment. You can often use flowers and foliage from your own garden, or you can often buy inexpensive flowers. Flowers in season are are much less expensive to buy than imported or hothouse flowers. It's not necessarily the most expensive flowers that look the most effective in a floral design. Once you learn the basic principles of flower arranging, you can choose any flowers and arrange them in an eye-catching manner.

Our flower school will show you how to do this. Imagine the thrill of being able to create a stylish flower arrangement and being able to say "I made it myself".

You can also use silk flowers to create lasting floral arrangements like you often see in interior design stores. There are so many varieties of natural looking silk flowers and foliage available today and these can be used to create stunning floral designs at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Our course has illustrated step by step flower arranging lessons that are very easy to follow. You will be delighted to find how simple it is to create professional looking flower arrangements when you are shown the right way to go about it. 
The benefits of learning flower arranging are many -

Flower Arranging is CreativeFlower arranging is creative and fun

Flower ArrangingRelaxing - arranging flowers is a great stress reducer

Flower SchoolInteresting - flower arranging is never boring

Flower ArrangementsBy learning a new skill you will have a sense of achievement

Floral Designs You will save money by creating your own flower arrangements


Many of our students initially enroll in our flower arranging course as a hobby so they can arrange flowers for their own home. When they see the lovely floral arrangements that they have created and receive compliments from their family and friends they gain more confidence. Flower arranging is like any thing else - the more you do the better you will become.

Many of our students earn extra income by starting a part time floral business from home selling their floral designs. By taking orders for your flower arrangements you will have the pleasure of being creative and doing something you love, earning extra income and bringing pleasure to others all at the same time.

In our floristry and flower arranging course, we will show you how you can earn extra income selling your flower arrangements from home. One of the benefits are the overheads are low, and you can start in a small way with a minimum amount of stock.

Turn your dreams into reality! Become involved in the exciting world of floristry and flower arranging.

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Flower arranging school. Learn to arrange flowers and make beautiful floral arrangements at our flower school. In our flower arranging course you will learn the basic principles of flower arranging and how to create many different styles of floral arrangements. Study flower arranging for a wonderful hobby or a rewarding career. Learn how to make money selling your flower arrangements. We will show you how to start a home based florist and flower arranging business and earn extra income doing what you love. View photos and pictures of flower arrangements and floral designs.

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