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Hatbox Filled With Roses

Do you love roses – if so you are in good company as roses are the most loved flowers in the world? You can create a very elegant design by arranging roses in a hatbox. A tall hat box has been used as a base. Ribbon has been placed around the bottom and secured in place at the back with a short piece of clear sticky tape. A ribbon handle has been made by punching a hole in the top of each side of the hat box and inserting the….Read More

Round Bridal Bouquet

Spring is not far away and it will be lovely when we have warmer days. Many brides start planning their wedding for Spring or Summer. This bouquet is in a round shape which is popular for brides and bridesmaids. The materials used in this bouquet are roses, lisianthus and freesias. It is made in a bouquet holder with a foam insert. The holder has been soaked in water and placed in a container to hold it in position whilst you are making up the bouquet. The flower stems have been….Read More

Florist Surrounded with Flowers

I hope you are having a great week. Can you imagine yourself surrounded with beautiful flowers? What I love best about working with flowers is it so creative. Once you know the basic principles of flower arranging you can make up a design like this very quickly. Choose flowers and colours that go well together. The flowers chosen for this design are soft pink ranunculus, green viburnum, deep pink tulips, pink hyacinths and eucalyptus gum. It is best not to have all smooth stemmed flowers  and foliage as they can….Read More

Table Arrangement

This floral design with mixed flowers in different colours is sure to brighten your day. It is suitable when you want an arrangement suitable for a small table or you can make several and place them along a longer table. This design was made featuring roses, mini gerberas, dahlias and stock and surrounded with leaves. A smaller container has been filled three quarters the way with water and placed inside a larger glass container. A wide ti leaf has been placed between the smaller container and the larger container. This….Read More

Happy Mothers Day

May has finally arrived and Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 8th of May. I sincerely hope all the wonderful mothers have a lovely Mother’s Day. Flowers are traditionally given for Mother’s Day and it is a very busy time for florists. This flower arrangement features liliums, orchids and carnations. A tall container is used as a base. A large block of foam is soaked with water, placed in a plastic florist bowl and secured in place with a plastic clip on guard on top of the tall container. One….Read More

Happy Easter

I hope you have a very Happy Easter. This basket of flowers featuring white liliums, pink lisianthus and white chrysanthemums would look lovely in your own home or make an ideal gift for Easter. A white wicker basket is used a base. Florist foam has been soaked in water for several minutes and placed in a plastic florist bowl and the foam is secured in place with a clip on guard. The basket has been filled three quarters of the way with crumpled paper and the bowl placed on top…..Read More

Gift Posy of Flowers

Flowers are the perfect way to show our love, appreciation and that we care. This posy would be an ideal gift for many different occasions. The flowers used in this design are orange tulips, blue hyacinths and yellow chrysanthemums. The centre flower is held in one hand, and the other flowers added one at a time with the other hand turning the posy around clockwise. When the posy is the desired size the stems are tied with a few twists of twine about 10cm below the centre flower. A couple….Read More

Happy St Valentine’s Day

Florists usually find St. Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for them. St Valentines Day is on the 14th of February. I hope you have a wonderful day. Flowers are a wonderful way to express your love and show that you care. This is a gift box of flowers. The flowers used include pink and cream roses and dahlias. This looks very effective and is easy to create. The box has been lined with plastic – a plastic bag will do. Florist foam has been soaked in….Read More

Proteas, Tulips and Lilies

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and are looking forward to the New Year. We usually make goals at the beginning of the year and by putting them into action you can make it a very successful year for you. I love working with flowers – it’s so creative with all the wonderful varieties of flowers that are available. I am sure you will also enjoy it – whether it is for an exciting career, working from home or to create flower arrangements for family and friends. It’s easy….Read More

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It’s time to give thanks for what we have and to show our family and friends that we care. The Christmas spirit is to go that bit extra and spread kindness to those we come in contact with. The shops are full of beautiful decorations you can use to make your home special. A lovely centre-piece featuring deep red roses, candles and shiny glass baubles would be just perfect for the dining table. I would like to wish you and your family….Read More