Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School Advanced Certificate of Floristry Course

Day and Evening Floristry Classes

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An Exciting Career in Floristry

We have students who have become involved in the floristry industry. With very little outlay you can start up a profitable career in floristry.

Profits are higher than in many other businesses. The profit margin on make-up work such as a bowl, basket and funeral tributes is often 200% or more and much higher for flowers for weddings.

Weddings can be very profitable. As well as creating the floral designs for the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, corsages and buttonholes, you will often be asked to arrange the flowers for the church and the wedding reception.

You can make hundreds of dollars from one wedding alone.

Floristry For Your Own Enjoyment

Learn floristry for your own enjoyment so you can create beautiful flower arrangements for your home, family and friends.

You will impress family, friends and acquaintances with your new found floristry and flower arranging skills.

Working with flowers is wonderful. Flowers can make every day special. When you create a flower arrangement for a gift it sends a personal message that people appreciate.

Flowers will always be needed for weddings, birthdays, mothers’ day, anniversaries, funerals, get well wishes, new babies and many other occasions.

Commencement Dates

The floristry classes run continuously throughout the year (except over the Christmas holidays). We have several day and evening classes each week. You can attend one or more classes each week. Crash courses are available for students wishing to complete the course as quickly as possible.

The Floristry Day and Evening Course Consists of Three Terms.

Each term has ten practical lessons. (30 practical lessons in all). 

The Ten Practical Floristry Lessons in the First Term Are:

• Lesson 1 – Corsages.
• Lesson 2 – Flower Basket.
• Lesson 3 – Victorian Posy.
• Lesson 4 – European Floral Design.
• Lesson 5 – Triangular Bowl Arrangement.
• Lesson 6 –Wreath.
• Lesson 7 – Presentation Sheaf.
• Lesson 8 – Modern Floral Design.
• Lesson 9 – Horizontal Centrepiece.
• Lesson 10 – Bridal Bouquet.

The Ten Practical Floristry Lessons in the Second Term Are:

• Lesson 11 – Gift Box of Flowers.
• Lesson 12 – Flower and Fruit Basket.
• Lesson 13 – Bridal Trailer.
• Lesson 14 – Topiary Tree.
• Lesson 15 – Funeral Cross.
• Lesson 16 – Flowers Arranged in a Vase.
• Lesson 17 – Rose Arrangement with a Soft Toy.
• Lesson 18 – Presentation Box of Flowers.
• Lesson 19 – Modern Line Arrangement.
• Lesson 20 – Casket Sheaf.

The Ten Practical Floristry Lessons in the Second Term Are:

• Lesson 21 – Posy Bowl.
• Lesson 22 – Picture Card Arrangement.
• Lesson 23 – Gift Posy.
• Lesson 24 – Cylinder of Flowers.
• Lesson 25 – Flower Circlet and Boutonniere.
• Lesson 26 – Parallel Garden Arrangement.
• Lesson 27 – Contemporary Style Arrangement.
• Lesson 28 – Spray Posy.
• Lesson 29 – Modern Line Bouquet.
• Lesson 30 – Cascade Bouquet.
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