Volume 9, Issue 141, April 2015

Lest We ForgetLest We Forget

A red poppy is worn in memory of those who served in the war.

Poppies grew wild in the fields in many of the war zones including Turkey.

Many soldiers lost their lives, received severe injuries and ongoing health problems so we can live in a free country today.

In the First World war in April 2015 the Anzacs landed in Gallipoli. This was a terrible battle and thousands were killed or were severely wounded.

After the war, artificial poppies were sold in remembrance to help raise money to help the returned service men.

Wreaths made of red Poppies are also placed on memorials.
There is a large memorial service being held on the 25th of April 2015 on the 100th Anniversary of the landing in Gallipoli in Canberra.

There will be many other services held throughout the country.   

Let us be grateful, because of the courage and sacrifices these brave service men and women made, we have the freedom we have today.


"We Shall Remember Them."

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