Volume 9, Issue 140, March 2015

Happy Easter To YouHappy Easter To You

I hope you have a very happy Easter.

Flowers can be combined with Easter eggs and make a wonderful gift.

Pastel shades are often used at Easter time.

Eggs can be dyed different colours and used in arrangements.

Colours that complement each other are

Pale pink and lime green.

Soft blue and yellow.

For a bolder look - purple and gold.

Easter eggs look great used in basket arrangements.

The person receiving the basket gets two gifts in one.

After Easter they will continue to enjoy the beauty of the flower arrangement.   

In the Floristry Diploma Course you will learn how to create many types of different floral designs with detailed step-by-step instructions.

If you have not already enrolled in the Floristry Diploma Course we would love to have you join us.

Floristry Diploma Course

You will find full information on the Floristry Correspondence Diploma Course Here

Fees and Enrollment Form are Here

Student Testimonials

"I absolutely loved this course, it is somemething I have wanted to do for years. I learned so much, thank you."M B, Vic

"Thank you so much for a wonderful practical and interesting course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and found the comprensive notes extremely helpful."J I ,NSW


"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."

S D Gordon

Floristry Diploma Course

Become Involved In The Wonderful World Of Floristry.

Learn floral design, floristry and flower arranging as a rewarding career or for your  personal enjoyment.

I am sure you will be delighted with the beautiful floral designs you will learn to create with our easy to follow step-by-step lessons.

Best Regards
Fay Chamoun

Floral Art School of Australia
International Floral Design School

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About The School

Learn how to arrange flowers the professional way.

In this changing world, it is always a good idea to have another skill.  Many of our students enrol in the Floristry Correspondence Course to become a florist or to work from home.

We also have students who enrol in the course so they can learn how to create floral designs for their home, family and for friends.

Whether you are interested in the course as a career or for your own personal enjoyment I know how delighted you will be, when you learn how to create many different types of floral designs

You need no previous experience in flower arranging. The Floristry Diploma Correspondence Course is specially designed so a beginner can start creating beautiful flower arrangements right from the very first lesson. Any one already involved in floristry will find the course very valuable in furthering their knowledge.

You will find the course is very informative and includes hundreds of floristry tips and techniques that are used in florist shops today. Once you have learned the basic principles of floristry, you will have this knowledge for a lifetime.

I will work with you personally to help you become all you can be in floristry and floral design.

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If you have any other questions about the course, please don't hesitate to send me an email 

I sincerely look forward in welcoming you as a student to our school.

Fay Chamoun

This newsletter is written by Fay Chamoun,
Principal of Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School.
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