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Advanced Certificate of Floristry 

Learn to be a florist as an exciting new career including how start a business from home or for a wonderful hobby.
 The Online Floristry Correspondence Course gives you a proven, easy-to-follow way
 to succeed in floristry.

In the floristry course you will learn how to  create beautiful floral designs  including:

Elegant table centrepieces

Beautiful basket arrangements

Romantic posies

Modern floral designs

Traditional, classic flower arrangements

European style designs

Gorgeous gift box arrangements

Stunning hand-tied bouquets

Special tribute designs

Creative corsages and circlets

Spectacular bridal bouquets and wedding designs

And more!

Extensive Info On Floristry

“I would certainly recommend this course with the vast amount of information, the video training and the extensive manuals on all aspects of floristry – something to keep and refer to down the track. The encouraging feedback after each lesson was greatly appreciated.” 
T A, Course Graduate
Can't Wait To Use My New Skills!

“I enjoyed this course immensely. It is a fantastic way of learning, being able to study at my own pace as I didn’t have to adjust my work schedule. The business side was very informative and interesting and I look forward in using my new found skills in the future. Thank you for your encouragement and support.” 
D K, Course Graduate
Wedding Business Increased 500%

"Just to let you know how our lives have changed since doing your wonderful and informative course. We have bought our own florist business and are enjoying it immensely. Our wedding business has increased 500% from the previous owner. Thank you for everything.” 
M G & D K, Course Graduates

No Experience In Floristry… Great!
Already Have Experience In Floristry… Wonderful!
The Floristry Correspondence Course Is Ideal For You.

Whatever your reason is, you will find the Floristry Correspondence Course is creative, interesting and fun.
And, you will be surprised at how much you can learn in such a short period of time!

Students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience enrol in the Floristry Correspondence Course.
“I want to work in the floristry industry.”
Many of our students have become involved in the floristry industry by finding a position as a florist, starting their own florist shop or earning extra income working from home.
“I want to be able to create beautiful arrangements for my home and friends.”
We have many students who enrol in the course so they can create beautiful floral designs for your own home or for family or friends.
About The School

We are an Australian based International Floristry School established in 1972. We have students in Australia, NZ, USA, Europe, UK, Asia and many other countries around the world.
Personal Advisory Service

We have over 50 years experience in the Floristry industry.  Fay Chamoun (the Principal ) will work with you personally throughout the course showing  you step by step how to create many different styles of floral designs.

This personalised service in the Floristry Online Correspondence Course will really help you develop your floristry skills.

You  e-mail  photographs of your practical lessons, and Fay will give you feedback and offer helpful suggestions if needed.

If you have any other questions during the course, Fay will be happy to answer them for you.

About The Course

There are three terms consisting of 30 practical lessons in the complete Floristry Course.
Each Term Has Ten Practical Lessons.

Term One Practical Lessons

Lesson 1 – Corsages 
Lesson 2 – Flower Basket
Lesson 3 – Posy
Lesson 4 – European Style Arrangement
Lesson 5 – A Line Arrangement
Lesson 6 – Tribute
Lesson 7 – Sheaf of Flowers
Lesson 8 – Modern Upright Design
Lesson 9 – Table Centrepiece
Lesson 10 – Bridal Bouquet
Term Two Practical Lessons

Lesson 11 – Gift Box of Flowers
Lesson 12 – Flower and Fruit Basket
Lesson 13 – Bridal Trailer
Lesson 14 – Topiary Tree
Lesson 15 – Cross
Lesson 16 – Flowers Arranged in a Vase
Lesson 17 – Arrangement with a Soft Toy
Lesson 18 – Presentation Box
Lesson 19 – Modern Arrangement
Lesson 20 – Double Ended Sheaf
Term Three Practical Lessons

Lesson 21 – Posy Bowl
Lesson 22 – Picture Card Arrangement
Lesson 23 – Gift Posy
Lesson 24 – Cylinder of flowers
Lesson 25 – Flower Circlet & Boutonniere
Lesson 26 – Parallel Garden Arrangement
Lesson 27 – Contemporary Arrangement
Lesson 28 – Spray Posy
Lesson 29 – Modern Line Bouquet
Lesson 30 – Cascade Bouquet
How is the course material provided?
The course includes a large floristry manual for each term which includes the step-by-step practical lessons. Each manual also has hundreds of floristry and floral design tips and techniques with photos and illustrations. In addition to the lessons there are instructions on how to create many other unique floral designs. You will find each manual will be a valuable reference guide, during and after you have completed the course.
Each practical lesson is set out with very easy to follow step-by-step illustrated instructions with a colour photo of the completed design. You will have a pattern to follow with measurements on how long to cut each stems and exactly where to position them in each design.
There is an online video for each practical lesson so you can see the actual lesson being made. It is just like being in the classroom without the travelling involved!
You will learn the basic rules of balance and proportion in flower arranging. You will see wiring and taping, making ribbon bows, positioning flowers and foliage and finishing touches for each design. One of the advantages is you can watch the video at your own convenience, pause the video at any time and go back to watch any step again. Your student password will be included with your course materials. 
In the course we also include a Presentation Pack with free step-by-step instructions on how to create additional stylish modern floral designs.
YES! Floristry Supplies Are Included In The Course

All the floristry supplies for each practical lesson such as bowls, baskets, boxes, foam, bouquet holders, ribbon, cellophane, cards, wire and tape are included in the course.

Fresh flowers are not included with the materials – as you would appreciate, these would not last!
You do not have to use expensive flowers for your lessons, the positioning is the important thing.
Flowers such as carnations and chrysanthemums are ideal to use when you are first learning. These flowers last well and are easy to handle.
Flowers that are in season are suitable, as they are less expensive and you can often buy them at a weekend market at a good price.
If desired you can use silk flowers and foliage for your lessons so you will have a permanent sample for each design. We will include a silk flower and foliage price list and order form with the First Term materials.
The Online Videos Are Fantastic

“Thank you for the opportunity  to complete the course and in particular the easy to use manuals, The theory side is very useful in running a florist. The practical lessons have given me the confidence  to move ahead in my new studio. I appreciate  your feedback and excellent organisation and presentation of the course.”
P P, Course Graduate

A Tremendous Achievement Through A Difficult Period

​​​​​​“I wish to give my thanks for passing Louise’s work. It has been a tremendous achievement for her. She has been unemployed and the floristry lessons have given her some incentive to keep her mind active during this time. Thanks for the pleasure that your course has given us.”
​M D  (mother of a student)

So Many Positive Comments!

“I am delighted with all I have achieved in this course. I have never done floristry before and can now make all types of floral designs. I get a lot of positive comments about my work and have started a business from home and have several weddings booked. Thank you for everything​​.”  
J B, Course Graduate

Work At Your Own Pace

Do I need to travel to attend the course?
Distance is not a problem - one of the benefits of the Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School Floristry Course is it does not matter where you live and you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

How long will I need to complete the course?
You have up to 18 months to complete the course but many of our students complete the course in much less time than this. You can work at your own pace, at whatever time suits you best without the travelling involved.

Is it easy to learn?
Yes! You will impress family, friends and acquaintances with your new-found floristry and floral designing skills and you will be surprised at how much you will be in demand.  Flowers will always be needed for weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, funerals, get well wishes, new babies and many other occasions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the course
Email: info@floral-art-school.com.au  
Phone: +61 3 8555 9774

FREE Professional Floristry Techniques Book

ENROL NOW in the Floristry Correspondence Course and we will send you a free book, Professional Floristry Techniques. This book will show you how to create arrangements for special occasions, ideas for trendy finishing touches and tips and techniques that are used in the floristry industry.

Presentation Pack
You will also receive a Presentation Pack that includes instructions on how to create modern stylish freestyle floral designs.

FREE Membership To The Florist Warehouse Exclusive Student Discount Card
When you enrol in our course you automatically become a member of the Florist Warehouse. This entitles you to a student discount card that you can use to purchase floral supplies by mail order.

Special Discount for you - when you enrol and pay for the complete
Floristry Correspondence Course of three terms.

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Become Involved in the Wonderful World of Floristry

We only have one life, so make the most of it!

The very best investment you can make is in yourself  –  you can turn your dreams into reality and do what you really love to do!

Either as an exciting career or passionate hobby - join us in this exciting journey and you can be sure to enrich your life and those around you

We look forward to welcoming you as a student

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