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Floristry Correspondence CourseThis can be the start of a very exciting career or fascinating hobby in floristry and floral design with the Advanced Certificate Of Floristry Correspondence Home Study Course.

The floristry correspondence course offers you a proven method of home study to learn all aspects of floral design and floristry.

No previous knowledge of flower arranging is needed, as we start you right at the beginning.

Flower arranging is easy once you have learned the basic rules. Every florist was once a beginner.

You will learn to create many different styles of floral arrangements suitable for all types of special occasions and events.

These include table centrepieces, basket arrangements, posies, modern floral designs, traditional flower arrangements, European designs, gift box arrangements, hand tied bouquets, tributes, corsages, bridal bouquets and wedding designs.

You will learn how to make the same professional floral arrangements you see in florist shops. We will show you how to add special finishing touches to make your floral designs unique.

By putting in just two to three hours a week you will soon be creating beautiful floral designs the professional way.

The practical floristry lessons in each manual are set out in simple, every day language with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and each student will have access to online video lessons showing each lesson actually being made.

You will be delighted with the results you will achieve right from the very first lesson.

Our floristy course is designed so that the beginner can follow it with ease.

If you are already involved in or are considering a career in floristry and floral designing you will find our course extremely beneficial in furthering your knowledge.

giftboxofflowersOne of the benefits of the Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School Floristry Distance Learning Course is that you can learn in the comfort of your own home. You can work at your own pace, at whatever time is most convenient for you.

Fay Chamoun (The Principal) is an associate member of Interflora, the Australian Institute of Horticulture and the Australian Institute of Management.

Fay has studied all aspects of flower arranging extensively in Australia and the USA as well as silk flower making in Japan.

Her flower arrangements and floral designs have been featured in leading magazines and newspapers.

Fay has also produced a series of floristry DVDs and videos featuring different floral arrangements.

Fay has demonstrated flower arranging and floral designing on television, at garden shows, in leading department stores and to many different organisations including Teleflora.

Accreditation. Floral Art School of Australia is accredited with the International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

European Style ArrangementFloristry as a Career.
The Floristry Course covers how to find a position as a florist, how to open your own florist shop, how to buy an established business or work from home.

Flower arranging as a Hobby.
Many of our students enrol in the course for their own enjoyment to learn how to create flower arrangements for their home, family and friends.

You will find flower arranging and floral designing extremely creative, interesting and fun.

There is a large variety of flowers and foliage available and many different floral designs to choose from.

You will impress family, friends and acquaintances with your new found floristry and floral designing skills and you will be surprised at how much you will be in demand.

Flowers will always be needed for weddings, birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries, funerals, get well wishes, new babies and many other occasions.

No Previous Experience Needed. You need absolutely no previous experience in flower arranging.

We have students from all walks of life and ranging from 16-80 years of age.

We are an International Florist School with students in Australia, USA, Europe, UK, Asia and many other countries around the world.

European Floral DesignThe Floristry Correspondence Home Study Course consists of three terms.
Each term has ten practical lessons (30 PRACTICAL LESSONS IN ALL).

Instruction Manual. In each term you will receive a floristry manual which is most informative. The first term manual has over 260 pages with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for each lesson. Each manual has hundreds of floristry and floral design tips and techniques with photos and illustrations. In addition to the lessons there are instructions on how to create many other unique floral designs. You will find each manual will be a valuable reference guide, during and after you have completed the course.

Online Video Lessons. Each practical lesson is online so you can see the actual lesson being made. You will see Fay Chamoun (the Principal) making up each design using a variety of different flowers and colours. It will be just like being in the floristry classroom looking over Fay’s shoulder.

Fay will be showing you each lesson in detail and you will learn the basic rules of balance and proportion in flower arranging. You will see wiring and taping, making ribbon bows, positioning flowers and foliage and finishing touches for each design.

One of the advantages is you can watch the video at your own convenience, pause the video at any time and go back to watch any step again.

Your student password will be included with your course materials. The online video lessons are only for students enrolled in the course.

Freestyle Modern DesignAll Materials Are Supplied.
We provide all floristry materials for each term such as bowls, baskets, corsage and presentation boxes, florist foam, bowls, bases, ribbon, cellophane, bouquet holders, cards, floral tape and wire.

Ample materials are provided for you to complete each lesson successfully.

Fresh flowers are not included with the materials, as you would appreciate, these would not last. You do not have to use expensive flowers for your lessons, the positioning is the important thing. Flowers such as carnations and chrysanthemums are ideal to use when you are first learning. These flowers last well and are easy to handle. Flowers that are in season are suitable, as they are less expensive and you can often buy them at a weekend market at a low price.
Different varieties of flowers and foliage that grow in the garden can also be used for your lessons. If desired you can use silk flowers and foliage for your lessons so you will have a permanent sample for each design. We will include a silk flower and foliage price list and order form in with the First Term materials.

Duration of Course
You have up to eighteen months to complete the full Floristry Course consisting of three terms. However, many of our students complete the full course within six to twelve months. One of the benefits of the floristry correspondence course is that you work at your own pace, in your own home and at a time that is most convenient to you.

About The School
Fay Chamoun A.A.I.H. A.I.M. is the principal of the Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School which was established in 1972. Fay and her staff have had years of experience and have been very successful in training thousands of people in professional floristry.

Your Personal Tutor And Advisory Service
Your personal tutor will be Fay Chamoun, the Principal of the School. I have over 40 years experience in the floristry industry and I will work with you on a one-to-one basis throughout the course to help you be the very best you can be in floristry. You can e-mail or post photographs of your practical lessons, and I will evaluate them and give you feedback and offer helpful suggestions if needed. This personalised service will really help you develop your floristry skills.
If you have any other questions during the course, I will be very happy to answer them for you.

Full Details Including Fees
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