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Floristry Correspondence Course Student Testimonials

What Our Students Say About The Course

We have received many letters from students who have successfully completed the Floristry Course.

“I have really enjoyed this course very much. I loved the convenience of doing it at home and fitting it into a busy lifestyle has been much appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to participate and learn so much about floristry.” K R, Vic

“I am delighted with all I have achieved in this course. I have never done floristry before and can now make all types of floral designs. I get a lot of positive comments about my work and have started a business from home and have several weddings booked. Thank you for everything.” J B, Sydney – Australia

“I am really loving the floral design course. Finding a pattern with my work now makes things easier. Thank you for having such a wonderful program available for those wanting to learn commercial floristry.” B H, U S A

“Thank you for taking time to look at my photos of my work. I was encouraged by the comments you have made. I am certainly motivated and would like to proceed with the next term. I am grateful for your personal attention you give to students.” S C, Singapore

“Just to let you know how our lives have changed since doing your wonderful and informative course. We have bought our own florist business and are enjoying it immensely. Our wedding business has increased 500% from the previous owner. Thank you for everything.” M G and D K, Victoria

“Having considered that I do not posses a creative or artistic bone in my body it has proved to me I can be creative and produce beautiful and pleasing arrangements. Thank you for your constructive comments and encouragement throughout the course”. C B, Qld

“Thank you so very much for such a wonderful floristry course.. I am sure the many awards I received in academic study did not give me any greater pleasure.” B M, WA

“I absolutely loved this course – excellent to follow, step by step and easy to understand. It has wonderful information on the floristry industry. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in floristry”. M S, N Z

“From the moment you receive the floristry materials you are able to learn and create. Within a short period of time the precision and detail with which the entire course is presented allowed me to design all the floral arrangements for my own wedding. The detailed instructions allow you to exactly duplicate the course projects and the design principles are so thoroughly discussed they encourage students to further develop there own unique creativity and design style. Despite the fact that the course director and I live in different hemispheres, you would not realise that by the way she has quickly answered e-mail inquiries, returned photos and dispatched term materials. Although I enrolled in the Floristry Correspondence Course to enhance my skills as a professional interior designer, it has led me into competitive floral design. In my first two flower shows I took two first place ribbons and have been accepted as an exhibitor in the most prestigious flower show in the United States. Thank you for your patience, interest and support.” A C,  USA  (PS. Thanks for everything)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I look forward in sharing my new found skills with family, friends and community groups.” S J, S A

“Just a little note to tell you how much I an enjoying the floristry course, so much so, I have taken a break from my job as a tourism executive three months ago and have opened my own shop. I am located in a rural area but serve a number of surrounding villages that do not have a florist. Things are going very well and I am really happy with my new career. I have found the course invaluable, especially the second term as it contained so much information in setting up a florist business, thank you.” Regards, C D, Ireland

“I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to further their career or simply wants to work with flowers for pleasure. Thank you for such an opportunity to explore my abilities. I am very proud of my achievements.” J I, NSW

“Out of 107 entries I won a grand championship ribbon, I also won five 1st prizes and three 2nd prizes and three trophies, I am enclosing the judges comments which I am very proud of, I’m sure your school will be too. The top award winner was a wedding bouquet. This was described as superb and without fault by the judge.” L P, Australia

“Since doing your floristry course a few years ago,I have discovered a most rewarding hobby and source of income. I work from home and have built up my business with weddings, bowls, funerals, etc. Without any advertising, my business has increased steadily by recommendation. The cost of lessons has been returned many times over. As I have made several thousand dollars since I started, I consider that the original cost was a very worthwhile investment and I have no hesitation in recommending your courses to anyone who may be considering them. I congratulate you on your expert tuition and ensure that the work is of a very high standard.”  A J, Melbourne

“I want to thank you so much for having the opportunity to be a student of yours. You and your staff have been wonderful and helpful to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The instructions and variety of designs were excellent.” Gratefully Yours D S, California USA

“I wish to give my thanks for passing Louise’s work. It has been a tremendous achievement for her. She has been unemployed and the floristry lessons have given her some incentive to keep her mind active during this time. Thanks for the pleasure that your course has given us.” M D, New Zealand (mother of a student.)

“I have completed the full course with your school. I purchased a florist business and after completing my first year have built it up to a steady business. I have learnt a lot in the year and look forward to doing even better next year. Thank you – I have made my dreams come true.” M K, Vic

“I am really enjoying the course. I am doing a future career option, wanting to run my own business.” N O, London UK

“I enjoyed this course immensely. It is a fantastic way of learning, being able to study at my own pace as I didn’t have to adjust my work schedule. The business side was very informative and interesting and I look forward in using my new found skills in the future. Thank you for your encouragement and support.” A T, South Australia

“I have dabbled in floristry previously but this course has really opened my eyes to many more techniques I was unaware of and will now make my arrangements easier to construct. The manuals are comprehensive and will be a valuable reference for years to come.” J K , Queensland

“I LOVED the course! I found it very informative and unique! My shop is unique as well. I specialize in weddings, funerals and corporate contracts. I have no walk in business. I love it because I am a great believer of customer service. I take the time and sit down with my customers. I go to them and get extreme details on the event. My customers love it! My work has unique details that another florist would have missed. I have spoken with others here in the city that have taken the courses at the local college here in town (which is where they send their staff for training) and find that they only teach one way of doing things. Thank you so much for all your advice and comments.”Best wishes C F, USA

“I found that the explanation and steps were easy to understand.” A P, Malaysia

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and thank you for the wealth of material contained in the three manuals. I did the bouquets, headpieces and corsages for a colleague’s wedding two weeks ago. She thought they were the most beautiful bouquets she had ever seen!! Thank you again for a very helpful and stimulating course.” C B, N.S.W

“Just to compliment you on the fabulous customer service I always receive when dealing with your company.” B C, USA

“My daughter and I started the course with the hope of developing enough skills to later go into a florist shop. We found the course very enjoyable and rewarding. Since then, we have opened a florist shop which is doing very well. While we were opening up our shop we received good advice and guidance. We highly recommend any of the courses through your school.” M & K F, Victoria