Flower Arranging as a Hobby

Floristry course - flower arranging

Have you ever admired a beautiful floral arrangement and thought I wish I could arrange flowers like that? Have you ever put flowers in a vase and they just don’t sit right?

Would you like to have a basic pattern you could follow to create different flower arrangements?

By learning the basic rules in our flower arranging course, you will soon be able to create fabulous floral arrangements for your own home or for family and friends.

You will learn how to choose a suitable style for the occasion, select flowers that go together, the use of colour and ways to make your floral designs uniquef

Flower Arranging Courses

In the Floristry Course you will learn how to create many different styles. These include traditional and modern floral designs, European arrangements, posies, wedding designs and flowers for special occasions.

Flowers add the finishing touch. Imagine the pleasure you will get by being able to create a flower arrangement for your entrance hall or a floral centrepiece for the dining room table.

Flower arrangements make the perfect gift for so many different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, to offer congratulations, get well wishes and to express our love and appreciation.

Unlike many other hobbies, with flower arranging you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. You can often use flowers and foliage from your own garden, or you can buy flowers at a good price at a market. Flowers in season are much less expensive to buy than imported or hothouse flowers.

It’s not necessarily the most expensive flowers that look the most effective in a floral design. Once you learn the basic principles of flower arranging, you will be able to choose flowers that go well together and arrange them into many different designs.

You can also use silk flowers to create lasting floral arrangements. There are many varieties of silk flowers available today and these can be used in your floral designs.