Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School

There are Three Terms in the Floristry Course and each term has 10 practical lessons. There are also additional freestyle floral designs included in the course.  

Floristry Manual – 

There is a large hard bound floristry manual for each term which are very informative.  The first term manual has over 260 pages. As well as the step by step instructions for the floristry lessons each manual has lots of floral design tips, techniques and special finishing touches. 

You will find each term manual will be a valuable reference guide, during and after you have completed the floristry course.   

Online Floristry Videos – you will receive your student password for your online video lessons showing each practical lesson being made-step-by step. You will see each design being made using a variety of different flowers. It will be just like being in the floristry class room without the travelling involved.  You will have lifetime access to the floristry videos.  

Each lesson is explained in detail and you will learn the basic rules of floristry including balance, proportion, harmony, rhythm, texture and colour co-ordination.  You will see how to position flowers and foliage in a design, wiring and taping, making bows and adding finishing touches to your designs.

Floristry Supplies – The course includes the floristry supplies for your practical lessons. such as bowls, baskets, corsage boxes, bouquet holders, florist foam, bases, ribbon, cellophane, cards, floral tape and wire.

modern flower arrangement
flower arrangement

The Ten Practical Lessons in the First Term are:

• Lesson 1 – Corsages.
• Lesson 2 – Flower Basket.
• Lesson 3 – Victorian Posy.
• Lesson 4 – European Floral Design.
• Lesson 5 – Triangular Bowl Arrangement.

• Lesson 6 – Wreath.
• Lesson 7 – Presentation Sheaf. Lesson
• Lesson 8 – Modern Floral Design.
• Lesson 9 – Horizontal Centrepiece.
• Lesson 10 – Bridal Bouquet.

The Ten Practical Floristry Lessons in the Second Term are:

• Lesson 11 – Gift Box of Flowers.
• Lesson 12 – Flower and Fruit Basket.
• Lesson 13 – Bridal Trailer.
• Lesson 14 – Topiary Tree.
• Lesson 15 – Funeral Cross.

• Lesson 16 – Flowers Arranged in a Vase.
• Lesson 17 – Rose Arrangement with a Soft Toy.
• Lesson 18 – Presentation Box of Flowers.
• Lesson 19 – Modern Line Arrangement.
• Lesson 20 – Casket Sheaf.

The Ten Practical Floristry Lessons in the Third Term are:

• Lesson 21 – Posy Bowl.
• Lesson 22 – Picture Card Arrangement.
• Lesson 23 – Gift Posy.
• Lesson 24 – Cylinder of Flowers.
• Lesson 25 – Flower Circlet and Boutonniere.

• Lesson 26 – Parallel Garden Arrangement.
• Lesson 27 – Contemporary Style Arrangement.
• Lesson 28 – Spray Posy.
• Lesson 29 – Modern Line Bouquet.
• Lesson 30 – Cascade Bouquet.

Floristry Supplies Are Included In The Course

We provide the floristry supplies for your practical lessons for each term. 

Fresh flowers are not included with the materials, as you would appreciate, these would not last.  We give several different varieties of flowers that are suitable for each floristry lesson. You don’t need to use expensive flowers for your lessons. You can often buy flowers at a weekend market at a good price. Different varieties of flowers and foliage that grow in the garden can also be used for your lessons.

If you prefer you can use silk flowers and foliage for your lessons so you will have a permanent sample for each design. We include a silk flower and foliage price list and order form with the First Term.