Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School

The First Term Floristry Manual Includes

• The names of flower and foliage and the seasons they are available.

• How to condition flowers and foliage  for the longest possible life.

• Special treatment for certain varieties of flowers.

• The basic rules and design principles used in flower arranging including proportion and balance, harmony, texture and colour co-ordination.

• The various styles of flower arrangements – including traditional and modern floral designs.  Vertical, circular, triangular, horizontal, and crescent. 

• Different flower shapes and sizes and where to position them in a design.

• Floristry techniques for different designs.

• How to wire and tape flowers and foliage.

• How to make bows and streamers.

• Florist accessories – bowls, baskets, bases, boxes, florist foam, cellophane, bouquet holders, ribbon, wire and floral tape  

• Professional tips with flowers.

beautiful flowers

The Second Term Floristry Manual Includes

• The history of flower arranging.

• Choosing a career in floristry.

• How to apply for a full or part-time position in a florist shop.

How to start up your own successful florist shop or a florist business from home.

• Buying flowers from the market, growers and wholesalers.

• Overheads, turnover and profits.

• How to cost cut flowers, make up work and elaborate designs.

• Promotions. The secrets to success.

• How to create special floral designs for Mothers Day, St Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Personal Assistant’s Day and other occasions.

• How to photograph your designs and make an attractive floristry presentation display album. This will be helpful if you wish to pursue a career in floristry or for your own personal enjoyment.

Whether you are interested in the floristry course as a career or a hobby I am sure you will find the second term interesting.

floristry course

The Third Term Floristry Manual Includes

• Wedding flowers and flowers for special events.

• The history of weddings.

• The floral calendar.

• Royal weddings.

• Wedding customs.

• Different styles of wedding bouquets 

• Flowers for the hair.

• Wristlet flowers.

• Buttonholes for the bridegroom and groomsmen.

• Decorate the wedding cake with flowers.

• Flowers for the bridal table.

• Pew decorations.

• Flower garland.

• Throw-away bouquet.

• Flowers for the Church.

• Flowers for the wedding reception.

• How to preserve the wedding bouquet to enable the bride
to have a lasting memento of her special day.

• Tributes.

• Table centrepieces and party designs.

• Flowers for special occasions.

bridal trailer bouquet
bridal bouquet featuring roses