Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School

Floristry Manual

In each term you will receive a floristry manual which is most informative. The first term manual has over 260 pages. Each manual has hundreds of floristry and floral design tips and techniques with photos and illustrations. In addition to the lessons there are instructions on how to create many other unique floral designs. You will find each manual will be a valuable reference guide, during and after you have completed the course.

The First Term Floristry Manual Includes

• The names of flower and foliage and the seasons they are available.

• How to condition them for the longest possible life.

• Special treatment for certain varieties.

• The basic rules and design principles used in flower arranging including proportion and balance, harmony, texture and colour co-ordination.

• The various styles of flower arrangements – vertical, circular, triangular, horizontal, crescent, mass and modern designs.

• Different flower shapes and where to position them in a design.

• Floristry techniques for different designs.

• How to wire and tape flowers and foliage.

• How to make bows and streamers.

• Florist accessories – you will be working with the same type of bowls, baskets, bases, boxes, florist foam, cellophane, bouquet holders, wire, floral tape and ribbons that florists use.

• Professional tips with flowers.

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The Second Term Floristry Manual Includes

• The manual covers the history of flower arranging.

• Choosing a career in floristry.

• How to apply for a full or part-time position in a florist shop.

• What an employer looks for. How to start up your own successful florist shop or a florist business from home.

• Buying flowers from the market, growers and wholesalers.

• Overheads, turnover and profits.

• How to cost cut flowers, make up work and elaborate designs.

• Promotions.

• How to create wonderful floral designs for Mothers’ day, St Valentine’s day, Christmas, Easter, personal assistant’s day and other special occasions.

• How to photograph your designs and make an attractive floristry presentation display album. This will be helpful if you wish to pursue a career in floristry or for your own personal enjoyment.

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Learning about the florist industry including secrets to success. Whether you are interested in the floristry course for a career or hobby, for pleasure or for profit I’m sure you will find the second term interesting.

The Third Term Floristry Manual Includes

• Wedding flowers and flowers for special events.

• The history of weddings.

• The floral calendar,.

• Royal weddings.

• Wedding customs.

• Different styles of wedding bouquets.

• Various styles of wedding bouquets including round, crescent, trailer,
sheaf, line and cascade.

• Flowers for the hair.

• Wristlet flowers.

• Buttonholes for the bridegroom and groomsmen.

• Decorate the wedding cake with flowers.

• Flowers for the bridal table.

• Pew decorations.

• Flower garland.

• Throw-away bouquet.

• Flowers for the Church.

• Flowers for the wedding reception.

• How to preserve the wedding bouquet to enable the bride
to have a lasting memento of her special day.

• Tributes.

• Table centrepieces and party designs.

• Flowers for special occasions.

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