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Happy Mothers Day – Show You Care

I sincerely hope all the wonderful mothers have a lovely Mother’s Day.

Flowers are traditionally given for Mother’s Day and it is a very busy time for florists.

This flower arrangement features liliums, orchids and carnations.

Tropical leaves

A tall container is used as a base.

A large block of foam is soaked with water, placed in a plastic florist bowl and secured in place with a plastic clip on guard on top of the tall container.

One of the rules in flower arranging is for good balance the arrangement should be at least one and a half times the height of the container but you can always go higher.

The foliage is removed from the bottom of the stems.

The tall leaves are positioned at the back and foliage is placed around the edges of the foam to curve downwards.

The flowers are arranged in groups for the most impact.

Starting at the top one group of flower is positioned at a time having the liliums in the centre out a bit further as they are the feature flowers.

The twisted willow is placed at the back to give extra height.

This design has been explained briefly. In the Floristry Course there is a step- by-step floristry manual and an online video for each practical lesson. You will learn how to make up each design starting from the very beginning and follow each step so your designs will have that professional look.

Student Testimonials.

“Thank you for all the help you have provided – I have really enjoyed the whole course.” N H

“I have learnt heaps, the types of flowers and foliage are very useful, specially what season they are available. I have enjoyed the bridal work the most and the end result is very relaxing.” S N

“I am very happy with the course. It has opened a whole new world for me. Thank you for making it possible”. J S

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We only have one life – do what you are passionate about and become involved in the wonderful world of floristry and enrich your life and those around you.

Until next time – have a great week.

Fay Chamoun

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