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Florist Warehouse – Student Discount Card

We also operate Florist Warehouse which is a separate division to the school. We have a range of bowls, bases, baskets, boxes, florist foam, floral tape, ribbon, wire, bouquet holders, cellophane, silk flowers and foliage, and other florist accessories.

When you enroll in the course you automatically become a member of the Florist Warehouse. This entitles you to a student discount card that you can use to purchase floral supplies by mail order during and after you have completed the course. A price list will be included with your course.

Free Offer – Professional Floristry Techniques Book

We have a special free offer which is for a limited time only.

Enroll now in the Floristry Correspondence Course and we will send you a free book, Professional Floristry Techniques. This book will show you how to create arrangements for special occasions, ideas for trendy finishing touches and tips and techniques. You will also receive a Presentation Pack, that includes instructions on how to create additional modern freestyle floral designs.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Once you have learned the basic techniques in floral design and flower arranging you will have the skills and knowledge for a lifetime.

The floristry correspondence course makes it possible for you to get specialised training in your spare time. Our unique teaching methods with a step-by-step pattern for each lesson makes it very easy to follow. We will share all the tips and techniques that florists use so your designs will have that professional look.

I am sure you will be delighted with the many different designs, floristry tips and techniques and the specialised knowledge about floristry you will learn in each term.

All you need is the desire to learn – we will work with you personally throughout the course to really develop your skills in floristry We are here to help and support you throughout the course and would love to have you join us so you can achieve your dreams and do what you love to do.