Floristry Examination

On successful completion of the Floristry Correspondence Course you will receive the

Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School

Advanced Certificate Of Floristry

Most people are nervous about the thought of an exam, but you do not need to be. By the time you reach this stage you will have completed the floristry course comprising of three terms and created thirty different floral designs.

In the first and second terms we will send you a question sheet with multiple-choice answers. These questions are taken from your floristry manuals. You answer the questions and e-mail or post them back to us and we will mark them and return them to you.

You e-mail or post photos of your practical floristry lessons to us throughout the course and we will advise you of your progress and offer helpful advice and suggestions if needed.

For the final exam at the end of the third term you will be asked to e-mail or post 5 required photographs of your practical lessons and answer the theory paper that will be sent to you.

A pass mark is 70 or more out of 100.

On successful completion of the course your Advanced Certificate Of Floristry and a letter of confirmation on our official letterhead will be posted to you.

We all like to be recognized for our efforts. You can be very proud of this achievement.