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Gift Posy Of Flowers To Show You Care

Flowers are the perfect way to show our love, appreciation and that we care.

This gift posy of flowers would be an ideal gift for many different occasions.

The flowers used in this design are pink roses, cream ranunculus and carnations, pale green viburnum and eucalyptus gum.

The  foliage on the lower parts of the stems are removed as foliage left under the water line will pollute the water and the flowers will not last well.

The flowers are placed in groups along the bench

The centre flower is held in one hand about 20cm down between the thumb and first finger from the base of the flower head. The whole posy is made by holding the stems in this position. The other flowers are added and  crisscrossing the stems where you holding them with the other hand turning the posy around clockwise as you work.

When the posy is the desired size the stems are tied with a few twists of string  and tied in a knot

The stems are cut to the desired length and placed in a container of water and the water topped ever couple of days.

This design has been explained briefly. In the Floristry Course the practical lessons have instructions  on how long to cut the stems and where to position them and a step-by-step video to follow.

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