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Proteas, Tulips and Lilies

Modern Floral Design – This is a floral design featuring Proteas, tulips, calla lilies and tropical leaves that have been arranged in a round container.

This is a modern floral design

The foliage stems have been cut to the desired length and inserted in the container fanning them out to the sides.

Each flower stem has been cut to the desired length. The height of the arrangement should be at least one and a half times the height of the container but you can always go higher.

The smallest protea has been placed in the top and the large open protea is the focal flower and has been placed at the bottom.

The tulips have been placed in the right side and the calla lilies in the left side of the arrangement.

Two long tropical leaves have been placed at the back and shorter ones at the sides.

This design has been explained briefly. In the Floristry Course the practical lessons have instructions  on how long to cut the stems and where to position them and a step-by-step video to follow.

There are a few basic rules in floristry – these include choosing flowers that go well together, proportion, balance, colour and texture and a design to suit the surroundings.

We cover the basic rules  in the floristry course so your designs will take on a professional finish.

I am sure you will enjoy the floristry course – whether it is for an exciting career including working from home or to create flower arrangements for family and friends.

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