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Elegant Flower Arrangement

I wan to show you a flower arrangement that has a classical beauty but is simple to make.

This arrangement features bronze orchids, green molucca balm, yellow calla lilies and white hydrangea.

Tropical leaves and leather fern.

A plain ceramic container has been used as a base and has been filled with water.

As you are making the arrangement cut the stems to the desired length.

The foliage has been inserted in the container fanning it out to the sides.

The orchid stems have been positioned in the centre of the back.

The 4 molucca balm stems have been positioned on the right side.

The calla lilies have been placed lower down the right side.

The two hydrangeas form the focal area and have been placed low down in the front.

A large tropical leaf and twiggy contorted willow stems have been positioned on the left side.

Student Testimonials

I enjoyed the practical components of the course as it really opened my eyes to the world of floristry as an art form and as a business. I can say that when I look at an arrangement I know how it was made.” J P

All the instructions were very clear on how to make each design.” D L

“Let me say what a wonderful course you are running. It was absolutely brimming with information and tricks of the trade that I was always wondering about but never had anyone to ask”. K D

I am sure you will be delighted with the many different floral designs you will learn to create with our easy to follow step-by-step lessons and online videos showing each practical lesson being made.

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Fay Chamoun

Floral Art School of Australia and
International Floral Design School