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Flower Arrangement Featuring Strelitzia, Roses and Orchids

In this flower arrangement the flowers are positioned with good spacing between them so each one is shown to its full advantage.

The materials used in this design are orange strelitzias (bird of paradise), roses, mauve orchids, happy plant, ti leaves and camellia leaves.

The flowers are arranged in a low basket. Florist foam has been soaked in water for several minutes, placed in a plastic florist bowl and positioned in the basket.

The flowers have been cut to the desired length. Two strelitzias have been placed in the back to give the height.

The happy plant is placed in front. (In Asia the happy plant symbolizes good fortune and is often used in floral designs).

The roses have been positioned lower down in groups and the orchids have been placed in between.

The ti leaves have been folded back to form loops, wired with 22 gauge florist wire using double leg method and inserted around the edges of the arrangement. Camellia leaves are used to fill in the centre of the foam and around the edges between the loops.

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This design has been explained briefly. In the Floristry Course the practical lessons have instructions on how long to cut the stems and where to position them and a step-by-step video to follow.

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