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Owning Your Own Florist Shop

Many people find the idea of going into business for themselves very tempting. You may want to open your own florist shop, but you should be fully aware of all the facts before you make a decision.

How To Decide If You Are The Right Type Of Person To Go Into A Florist Business For Yourself.


You can have a feeling of fulfillment of being involved in such a creative industry such as floristry.

If you have a successful florist shop it can be far more rewarding financially than working for wages.

There can be a feeling of security in owning your own successful florist business. 

You will be providing a real service to your customers. The skilled florist is always appreciated

Working in a florist shop

(You will find it helpful if you do this questionnaire)

As floristry is a lot of hard work and often long hours are involved, do you have the necessary health and energy to run a business?
Yes / No

Do you have enough money to start a florist business?

Do you have another source of borrowing money if necessary?

Sometimes you will need to inject extra funds into the business
Yes / No

Are you self-motivated and have enough discipline to be able to organize yourself to see what the most important tasks are and to see each one is carried out?
Yes / No

Are you a reasonably quick worker?
Yes / No

When a problem arises, are you the type of person who can come up with a solution?
Yes / No

If you have a family, do you have someone you can rely on to help with the children?
Yes / No

To stand a good chance in operating a successful floristry business you should honestly be able to answer “Yes” to all the above questions.

How successful you are in floristry will depend on how much time and effort YOU are prepared to put into it.

Floristry is a people business. Unlike many other occupations, the florist will never be replaced by a computer.

Floristry is a challenging and satisfying career. The florist with flair and imagination is always in demand.

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