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Working in A Florist Shop

To work in a florist shop you should be able to make up attractive floral designs and work fairly quickly.

A good employee has common sense, a positive attitude, is honest and a willing worker who sees what needs doing and does it in a cheerful and efficient manner.

An employer will appreciate a capable trustworthy employee who has the employer’s interest at heart and will co-operate and help with any duties involved in the running of the floristry business.

Applying for a Position in a Florist Shop

You should present yourself favourably, be well groomed, polite and have an enthusiastic manner. If you have any references from previous positions, personal references or report cards take these with you.

You may like to take samples or photographs of your floral designs with you. Naturally, any photographs or samples should be of a high standard with the flowers arranged well and colours blended tastefully.

The florist may ask you to make up an arrangement, posy or a sheaf. You will be expected to choose suitable flowers and foliage in colours which blend well together and make up a professional looking design in a reasonable amount of time (approximately 15-20 minutes for a standard arrangement).

Do not worry if you are a bit nervous. Florists are usually understanding people and will make allowances for this. It is far better to be a little nervous rather than have an over-confident and “know it all” manner.

A few years ago a position was advertised for a junior in a very busy florist shop in a leading shopping centre in Melbourne. There were over forty applicants, but one of our students was successful because she could show the florist she was capable of creating attractive floral designs. After the interview is over thank the employer for seeing you, and if the position offered appeals to you, you could say “I am very impressed with your shop” or “I would really like the opportunity of working for you”.
working in florist shop