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Flowers Can Make You Happy

Did you know research has shown flowers can make you happy?

Flowers can brighten our lives and makes our surroundings more welcoming.

A lovely flower arrangement in the home, shop, foyer or workplace instantly adds beauty and can lift morale.

Have you ever looked at a lovely flower arrangement and thought I would love to know how to arrange flowers like that?  By learning the basic principles of flower arranging you can!

Flowers speak a universal language –  flowers can often express much more than words can say.

Flowers can connect you to the people that are important to you such as family and friends and are the ideal gift for any occasion.

Flowers can express feelings of love, gratitude, offer congratulations, to show appreciation, to say sorry or to simply show you care.

It can be rewarding for the person creating a lovely flower arrangement and for the person receiving it.

In other words flowers are the perfect answer in so many ways.

There are many different varieties of flowers available in so many wonderful colours to choose from.

Care and Conditioning of Flowers and Foliage

By following these care tips your flowers and foliage will give pleasure for the longest possible time.

Remove the lower foliage that would come under the water line as foliage left under the water will rot, pollute the water, send off an odour and the flowers will not last nearly as long.

If the flower stems have thick woody stems such as hydrangea split the ends of the stems upright for about 5cm with a sharp knife for a better uptake of water.

Fill a bucket or container one third full of water
Never overcrowd flowers. Allow air to circulate between each bloom. Too many flowers crowded together in the bucket can cause the petals to become squashed and bruised.

To help cut down on bacteria add a small amount of flower preservative or a capful of disinfectant to the water.

Give the flowers a long drink in a cool place for several hours or preferably overnight before arranging them.

Buckets and containers should be well scrubbed at least once a week using hot water, and a good disinfectant. Use a scrubbing brush or metal scourer and rinse well with water,

After Care

Keeping Flowers Alive Longer
Flowers dislike extremes in temperatures and should be kept out of bright sunlight, heat and drafts.

Do not place an arrangement on top of a television set, near a heater, a fan or air conditioning ducts.

Remove any wilted or dead flowers when necessary.

Lightly spray flowers with water each day, holding the sprayer about 30cm away from the flowers.

I hope you found this information on flower care helpful.

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