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Hatbox Filled With Roses

Do you love roses – if so you are in good company as roses are the most loved flowers in the world?

You can create a very elegant design by arranging roses in a hatbox.

A tall hatbox has been used as a base.

Ribbon has been placed around the bottom and secured in place at the back with a short piece of clear sticky tape.

A ribbon handle has been made by punching a hole in the top of each side of the hat box and inserting the ribbon through the holes and tying a knot inside.

Tissue paper squares have been folded in half to make triangle shapes, positioned around the top and secured inside the top of the box with short pieces of clear sticky tape.

Crumpled paper has been placed in the bottom of the box.

A tall plastic container has been filled three quarters of the way with water and placed on top.

Crumpled paper has been packed around the sides to hold it firmly in position.

The roses have been cut to the desired length and the lower foliage that would come under the water line removed from the stems.

The roses have been placed evenly around the edges and then the remaining roses placed in the centre to give a rounded shape across the top.

This design is briefly described – in the Floristry Course each step is explained in detail with the measurements and exactly where to position each placement.

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