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Mother’s Day Posy

I hope you are enjoying your week.

A lovely way to express your feelings on Mother’s Day is with a gift posy of flowers.

This posy of flowers features pale pink and burgundy peonies, mauve liliums and white alstroemeria.

Some white twiggy stems have been added in for extra interest.

The foliage have been removed from the bottom part of the flower stems.

The flowers have been held in the left hand with the largest one in the centre and the other stems added one at a time with the right hand crisscrossing the stem in one direction and turning the posy around clockwise as you go.

The flowers in the next rounds should be slightly lower so it is gently rounded across the top.

As you are making this type of posy you should always check it is evenly balanced.

When the posy is the desired size, the stems have been secured in place with by winding twine around a few times.

The ends of the stems have been cut level.

Pink ribbon has been placed around the stems and secured at the back with a couple of pearl pins.

Mauve ribbon has been placed on top and it has been tied in a bow.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

This design has been briefly explained. In the Floristry Course there is a step by step floristry manual and an online video for each practical lesson showing you how long to cut the stems and where to position them.

Best Regards

Fay Chamoun

Floral Art School of Australia and
International Floral Design School