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Flower Arrangement Featuring Lizianthus

Flowers provide the finishing touch to any occasion.

Lizianthus have been used in this flower arrangement. They are  beautiful flowers that come in shades of purple, mauve, pink and white.

They resemble a rose with rounded petals and long pointed buds and they are fairly long lasting.

In this setting for an outdoor wedding a mauve silk drape is used as a backdrop in a shade to complement the flowers.

A stone look urn has been used as a base.

The bottom of the urn has been filled almost to the top with crumpled paper.

A piece of plastic has been placed on top of the paper (a garbage bag will do.)

A full block of florist foam has been soaked in water for several minutes and then placed on top of the paper.

The foam needs to sit at least 5cm higher than the edge of the container so the side stems can be inserted into the foam

Any spaces around the foam can be filled in with other soaked off-cuts of foam or pieces of crumpled paper.

The foliage (ivy) has been cut to the desired length and inserted around the edges to extend downwards.

The lizianthus stems have been cut to the desired length – about one and a half the height of the container and inserted in the centre of the foam and then placed around having each round slightly lower.

A few buds have been inserted in the top of the arrangement.

The flowers should be lightly sprayed with water and the foam topped up each day.

This type of flower arrangement can also look lovely using several different types of flowers.

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