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Spring Has Arrived

Spring has finally arrived and Summer is just around the corner!

It’s wonderful seeing all the lovely flowers coming into bloom.

Flowers are beautiful in their own right but once you learn the basic rules of flower arranging you can create some really stunning designs.

Flowers instantly add an extra special touch to a room. There are so many different varieties of flowers and foliage to flowers to choose from.

Whatever your decor you can choose a style to suit – from chic arrangements for a romantic setting to modern designs for a contemporary look.

In the Floristry Course you will learn how to care for flowers so they have the longest possible life, basic rules of flower arranging, different styles, and hundreds of tips and techniques of the floristry trade.

You will be pleasantly surprised how simple it is when you are shown exactly how to start off each design, how long to cut each stem and where to position it.

You will have a real sense of achievement when you can create your own stylish floral designs – the easy way.

Many of our students also earn extra income from becoming involved in the Floristry Industry.

Do what you love to do and make this your time to bring out the creative side in you.

If you have not already enrolled in the Floristry Course we would love to have you join us.

Enrollment Form and Fees

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We only have one life – do what you are passionate about and become involved in the wonderful world of floristry and enrich your life and those around you.

I will look forward to welcoming you as a student to our school.

Best Regards,
Fay Chamoun