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How To Create Your Own Floral Designs

By learning how to create your own floral designs is a wonderful way to express yourself in a creative way. Your love of flowers will go up to a whole new level once you learn how to arrange them into beautiful  floral designs.


In the Floristry Course you will learn how to create your own floral designs including:

Choosing the Right Flowers: How to select flowers that convey the emotions you want to express. For love, classic choices like red roses, tulips, and lilies are popular, but you can also consider using a persons favorite flowers if you know them.

Colours: Choose colours that reflect the mood you want to create. Red symbolizes romance, pink and mauve are soft and feminine, orange and yellow are vibrant and white represents purity and sincerity.

Foliage: Adding foliage gives texture and depth to your arrangement. Choose foliage that will complement your chosen flowers and enhances the overall look. Consider options like eucalyptus, ferns, or ivy.

The Container: Choose a vase, bowl, basket, gift box or other container that suits the style of the flower arrangement.

Balance and Proportion: How to arrange flowers and foliage in a balanced manner, considering their height, colour and shapes and proportions so it creates a harmonious arrangement.

Include a Thoughtful Note: Accompany your flower arrangement with a handwritten note and let your words complement the beauty of the flowers.

Let your love of flowers and creativity shine through your floral designs.

In the Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School Advanced Certificate of Floristry Course you will learn the different flowers and foliage often used in floristry and how to care for them.

Rules for flower arranging, choosing a design suitable for the occasion and how to create 30 different step by step practical lessons and additional freestyle designs.

The business side of floristry including how to start a florist business from home and flowers for weddings and special events.

Student Testimonial
“I have found the Floristry course to be extremely thorough and enjoyable.
The videos and term folders provided very clear, step by step instructions to complete each floral arrangement, all at my own pace.
The technical skills required to complete each design were also presented in a very easy to follow manner.
Feedback provided for each arrangement was also very helpful and useful.
I now have a much greater appreciation of the artistry and skill involved in creating floral designs.

Thank you – J A H – Enrolled Student

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