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Floral Design Newsletter 2011-­2014

Floral Newsletter
Past Issues Of Our Floral Newsletters
-YEAR 2014-
January Issue: European Style Arrangement

February Issue: Happy St Valentines Day

March Issue: Beautiful Orchids

April Issue: Easter Setting

May Issue: Fabulous Mother’s Day Arrangement

June Issue: Heart Of Roses

July Issue: Elegant Floral Design

August Issue: Contemporary Arrangement

September Issue: Wow Arrangement

October Issue: Red Rose Bouquet

November Issue: Flowers With A Gift

December Issue: Christmas Floral Arrangement

-YEAR 2013-
January Issue: Fabulous Floral Designs

February Issue: Happy Valentines Day

March Issue: Easter Bunny & Flowers

April Issue: Mother’s Day Arrangement

May Issue: Romantic Floral Arrangement

June Issue: Bridal Trailer

July Issue: Basket Arrangement

August Issue: Crystal and Flowers

September Issue: Chic Floral Arrangement

October Issue: European Bouquet

November Issue: Modern Line Arrangement

December Issue: Christmas Basket



-YEAR 2012-
January Issue: Passionate About Flowers

February Issue: Happy Valentines Day

March Issue: Wonderful Weddings

April Issue: Mothers Day Bouquet

May Issue: Royal Jubilee Flowers

June Issue: Elegant Floral Display

July Issue: Beautiful Orchids

August Issue: Irises,Tulips and Orchids

September Issue: Elegant Bridal Bouquet

October Issue: Hotel Flowers

November Issue: Strelitzias, Roses, Liliums

December Issue: Christmas Special Design

-YEAR 2011-
January Issue: Floristry Diploma Course

February Issue: Valentines Day Red Roses

March Issue: Wedding Reception Flowers

April Issue: Easter Floral Display

May Issue: Mother’s Day Arrangement

June Issue: Chic Silk Flower Design

July Issue: Funky Table Arrangements

August Issue: Dreamy Floral Circle

September Issue: Elegant Red Roses

October Issue: Chic Pink Bridal Bouquet

November Issue: Strauss Bouquet

December Issue: Christmas Floral Chic


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